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XGround 400L

XGround 400L

Large XGround 1000L supplied to the "Thor" movie set on the Gold Coast

Old olive tree 400L

Australis Tree Farm
Mature Olive Trees : An Ancient Tradition

The first recorded cultivation of the ancient olive tree dates back over 5000 yrs to the Syrian empire. In the five millenniums since that time archaeologists have been able to trace the spread of the olive tree across the Mediterranean basin and beyond. With a lifespan of up to 2000 yrs, individual olive trees have seen not only generations but entire Kingdoms come and go on the earthís surface.

From Solomanís temple to the far flung reaches of the globe the olive has continued to enriched the human race. Countless people have used the olive tree for income, food, medicine, heat, light, shade and planted the noble tree for its rustic beauty, longevity and resilience.

At the Australis Tree Farm we supply mature Xground olive trees that are approximately 22-25 yrs old. The trees have been extracted from our olive grove using an large hydraulic tree spade which keeps the rootball intact and reduces transplant stress. After transplanting, most trees are grown on in bags for at least 8-12 months. We currently have around 150 mature olive trees available on site. Many have unique gnarly trunks giving the appearance of much older trees.

With Mediterranean style gardens and olive trees very much in vogue, these mature trees with their rustic beauty make a superb centre piece in the garden, courtyard or commercial landscape. They can be planted directly in the ground or into a large pot with a capacity of 500L or more. The trees will fruit reliably under suitable conditions.

Whilst in the ground the trees canopies have been pruned in the traditional Mediterranean style which highlights the trunk characteristics and primary branch formation. This also enables economic transport and ease of handling as the trees can be loaded upright on a pallet.

Once established the trees can be allowed to regenerate to a full canopy or maintained compact with annual pruning. In general, most olive trees in commercial groves and landscape and garden settings are kept at around 3 to 5m in height.

To move the trees into place, a machine with forks or a small excavator is required. A sling is placed around the trunk to lift the tree and lower it into the planting hole.

As a specialist advanced tree nursery we supply mature olive trees throughout Australia using our reliable, competitive freight network.

Australis Tree Farm supplies feature trees for the home garden through to major commercial landscape developments. Olive trees are very well suited to be grown in large pots and many of our mature olive trees are used as potted specimens in shopping centres, restaurants and roof top gardens.

400L bag
Bag size : 920mm Dia x 600mm H. Transports @ 1 tree per pallet.
Machine with forks required for planting. Weight 500-600kg.

200L bag
Bag size : 650mm Dia x 600mm H. Transports @ 2 trees per pallet.
Machine with forks required for planting. Weight 300-400kg.

100L bag
Bag size : 510mm Dia x 500mm H. Transports @ 4 trees per pallet.
Trees can be handled and planted with 2 People. Weight 150-200kg.

Please contact us for further information and to order a copy of our current advance tree catalogue.

The Australis Tree Farm is located at 432 Meringandan Rd Kleinton (Highfields), QLD 4352. The tree farm is open 6 days per week. Visits are by appointment only. Please contact us on 07 4696 8792 if you would like to arrange a visit.